The Little Guit
Many people ask about my little headless, bodiless nylon string guitar. It's about as small as a full scale (string length) guitar can be. It was made for me by Jack Spira ( and after much discussion, we'd come up with pretty much this design. But then I discovered a similar thing on the net, . After I found out they didn't make a left handed version of what I wanted, Jack agreed to make it for me. And he did so with great aplomb, with little handmade wheels (to pass the strings over the end to where the tuners are underneath), a Baggs Elements bridge pickup and a delightful bull oak fingerboard (24 frets!) I've done a few modifications, like moving the strap pin onto the neck for better balance and sponge underneath to stop slipping. Otherwise it's brilliant and sounds fabbo. I've always thought that once you're using the pickup, the guitar body resonance often just gets in the way... in some ways! Oh, and I've now rejigged my trombone case to fit not only my trombone and slide trumpet, but also my little guit! I've been keeping my chromatic harmonica and potato shaker (known as my Tuber.. tee hee) in there for added effect.
Little Guit
The Little Guit in action at Glastonbury 08