Saturday December 3, Mal Webb and Kylie Morrigan play mid arvo at FRL (Folk Rhythm and Life), Bilyana, Eldorado, Victoria, Australia

Sunday December 11, 6-9pm, Mal Webb and Kylie Morrigan at 303, 303 High St., Northcote, Vic, Australia.  Mal's Voice,  guitar, slide trumpet, trombone, chromatic harmonica, mbira, Kaosillator, ukulele, Derek the Headrush and Ranga the Boomerang (loop recorders) and the Bubblewrap Stompbox combine with Kylie's fabulous violin and voice. Plus the Buffy Tin, the Bikkies, the Carrots and the fabulous free entry/paid exit system, as per the Melody Menu (like, by donation... whatever you can afford).

December 21, 22 and 23, 8pm, Mal Webb provides brassiness to A Swingin' Bella Christmas at Bella Union, Trades Hall, 2 Lygon Street. Carlton, Victoria, Australia.
Featuring Casey Bennetto with a yet to be disclosed cast of super special guests and an all star band. It will sell out, so get in quick(ly).

December 27-January 1, 2016, Mal Webb and Kylie Morrigan at Woodford Folk Festival, Woodford, Qld, Australia . I'm also helping to run the "Festival Orchestra" workshops (bring your instrument, even if you haven't played since high school, and you can play for the fire event!) It's Tuesday-Saturday 9am at the Grande for rehearsals and Sunday show 8pm at the Amphi (plus soundcheck TBA that arvo). I'll also be playing and generally helping out where needed at Supper Club... stay tuned!
Tues: 1:40pm at Bill's bar
Wed: 4:30pm at Orchard
Fri: 3:40pm at Pineapple
Sat: 10:45pm at Orchard
Sun: 12:20pm at Bill's bar, 10pm "Start As You Mean To Go On" round robin gig at Garland

Then Cygnet Festival, Stacks On, NZ and beyond!

Past gigs are at giglist.html

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