Monday October 31, 5pm, The Quinquagenary Malsong Marathon. Mal Webb is turning 50! On his birthday, October 31 (which is both Halloween and Cup eve) at 303 (303 High St Northcote) from 5-10pm, he and Kylie Morrigan will play 50 of his songs... really! They've previously done about 30 songs in 3 hours, thus it's surely possible. They might even do 123 covers too! Birthday biz (singing, cutting of cake, etc will be at 7pm). So pop down, share celebratory hugs, partake of both Fairy bread and Goblin bread and join in the marathon (there'll be a list and no repeats). Please don't feel any need to bring presents.
Free entry/paid exit (by donation).

Then FRL, Woodford, Cygnet, NZ and beyond!

Past gigs are at giglist.html

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