Brooke's Jetty

When Grandad was a young man in St Kilda, you could bet he
Would take Grandma strolling summer evenings out along Brooke’s Jetty
Though all was hot and sweaty, that cool breeze was just in reach
When perched above the lapping waters off the crowded beach

Oh, Brooke’s Jetty, bayside lovers held you dear
Singing your sweet counterpoint to St Kilda pier
But now you’re just a drain and nothing more
You were meant to be maintained by Parks Victoria
But without a thought for all those who adore ya
They let you fall apart then tore ya down
But the good folks of St Kilda are demanding they rebuild a jetty equal in renown
Our voices will resound
As a tribute to the joy you brought to St Kilda town

They said, “It’s unsafe”, but nothing’s safe when folks lack common sense
They said, “It’s of no use or historical significance”
But a century ago, it was a thriving boating club
And ever since it’s always been a vibrant social hub ...

To sit upon Brooke’s Jetty’s end with dangled feet and setting sun
To curse at jet skis, gaze at clouds and waves as ukuleles strum
To watch the fun and frolics on the foreshore, pure St Kilda bliss
From such a tranquil vantage point, to dwell, to dream, to reminisce ...

Fred Brooke must now be tumbling in his grave
At this disrespectful underhand behaviour
And the tears and pain of those who tried to save ya
It’s sad you’re gone, but we won’t let our hopes drown ...

İMal Webb 2016

Brooke's Jetty in St Kilda, which features on two of my CD covers was a neglected by those responsible for it (Parks Victoria) and then demolished without any public consultation in 2015. I've lived in St Kilda for 25 years and windsurf off the dog beach next to Brookes Jetty, so I was horrified when they destroyed it. There's a fine crew of locals (including a few lawyers) who are pushing them to rebuild it and I thought I'd lend a hand and a larynx to the cause. Sam Lemann, another St Kilda local and gorgeous guitarist, kindly recorded the perfect electric guitar part for the song. Thanks Sam!